May 17, 2011


That's it. Seventeen weeks have just flown by.

This past week was hectic, I had my girlfriend come visit, I studied for my finals, we went to the National Flower Park near Den Haag in Holland, we walked around the town, and went one last time to wonder Amsterdam. Also, I have been hanging out with all of my friends for the last time :( ...hopefully not...

My 21st birthday was yesterday. My girlfriend planned a surprise party which was extremely fun! Although finals week just began (but I finished Monday!), everyone showed up and surprised me with a decorated room and cake! Best way to spend my last night in Utrecht College :)

This semester was an amazing experience! It has completely changed my outlook on life, travels, friendships and bicycling. I learned a lot about myself, and about what I would like to purse in the future, along with my new found love for non-stop traveling!

None of this would have happened if it wasn't for the Gilman Scholarship which almost covered my tuition/dorm/meal plan in full, allowing me to arrive with just enough to have weekend trips and day trips around Europe! If anyone needs any help applying or finding a place to study abroad don't hesitate to contact me!

To leave with a "bang," my girlfriend and I, meeting friends along the way, are going to Paris (yes, again, I love this city) and Barcelona (where my girlfriend is leaving and my friends are meeting us/ some are studying abroad there). Then I will return to Utrecht for a few days and leave to Miami from Amsterdam :/

I will miss this school,country, and friends (both domestic and international ;P) that I have met!Hopefully I will return soon...

Tot ziens!

May 9, 2011



It has been almost 17 weeks since I have arrived in the Netherlands and I am now entering finals week! My girlfriend has come to visit me and we have been traveling around the Netherlands. We went to Amsterdam for a day, into town, planning on climbing the Dom Tower tomorrow (the town's famous clock tower), as well as see Tulips in Holland's largest national flower park Keukenhof. It should be exciting!

As the week advances I will be continuing my studying for finals and essays. I have one final this week and then two on Monday, after which I am finished! Next Monday (the 16) is also my 21st birthday! Awesome way to celebrate with a Cognitive Neuro and Clinical Psych final! Since I finish classes early I will be traveling down to Barcelona with my girlfriend after which my trip will most likely end!

So next week will be my official last post and summation of my views on the entire experience! But for now..I must go study, and enjoy the few days I have left :)


April 26, 2011


This weekend was amazing!

My friend and I couch-surfed in Paris for the first time (second for him)! It saved us over 100 euros on hostels/hotels which were completely booked. The guy who hosted us was about 23, from Israel, and actually hosted someone a week earlier who knew girls that are on exchange at Utrecht, that were in Paris at the same time! His friend also knew my old roommate and friends from Miami, because last summer he worked in a summer camp during his army service! Small world.

Anyways, they took us around at night and gave us locations to visit, which we would have never found otherwise! Like Bercy or Luxembourg Park. I can't wait to do it again!

We managed to do a lot! Eifle Tower, Notredame, Louvre, free walking tour, a few parks, walk, Champ Elysee, St. Michel, and much more. We found a non-touristy entrance to the Louvre, which saved us over 2 hours of waiting :)

OH, and ALL the museums/attractions were FREE because we had an EU resident card and we are under 26!

I'll let the pictures do the rest:


April 17, 2011

One week of Sun, One week till Paris

Good news and really bad in a very annoying way news. The good: forecast for this week is 70s and low 50s! On Thursday I am going at 11pm on a bus to Paris!

The Bad: The University (since I applied to the regular before the honors) assumed I will be leaving Europe after classes, so my permit will expire may 21. This gives me until June 21 to legally leave the country without being fined or have future issues to come back to the states. However, my flight is scheduled for some time after that date, and now I will have to pay a $150 fee to change it! Along with having much less time to travel, at least in the Netherlands. Almost all the other exchange students received an expiration date of July 1st, since that is when the dorm keys have to be returned. I will hopefully have something figured out soon!

I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, much work was completed this week. I have a test, presentation and paper due this week. On Saturday UCU hosted a a school from Amsterdam, and somewhere else in the Netherlands (I just know it was UCM), for a school spirit and all around competitions. During the day debates, art competitions, and sporting events (which UCU won the soccer match) were held. At night, a battle of the bands and improve show was held in the auditorium. It was fun and the most school spirit I have seen since I arrived here.

I need to go finish my project. I will update again on Tuesday when I return from Paris!